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“Brand Bare-Discovering the new rules of the fast changing brand world”-Brand Strategies to drive India towards a Super Economy status

Vijay. G. Padaguri
Faculty of Management Studies
New Horizon College of Engineering,
Branding, like many other disciplines has evolved over the years, from being more of an independent discipline to an integrated discipline with several complex factors coming into play. And branding has a profound influence on the way products and services are perceived in the marketplace and also the manner and extent to which products and services get sold. It is, but a stark reality that some of the super brands of today have originated from the super economies. Probably, in a converse approach it would be logical to say that countries which have been able to produce successful global brands have been successful in elevating themselves to a super economy status. The classic example in this case’ would be that of the USA which is the o…

Sexual harassment at work place -A thing to shun !!!

Unveiling the façade- Stark reality of the sexual harassment scenario in India Inc. –A paper to be presented at the RVIM national conference on Ethics in Business and Corporate Governance-2010

Faculty, Management Studies
New Horizon College of Engineering
Soft Skills Trainer:
Brand Label: Vj Communications
‘Sexual harassment’ in corporate India is one of the most shunned and non-discussed topic. But, the impact it has on organizations in terms of talent attraction and talent retention and other issues like job satisfaction, productivity etc is immense. And the HR fraternity in India does not seem to being doing a great deal about this. Sexual harassment in companies goes unchecked and unattended or improperly attended because it’s not given the due attention and is a matter of embarrassment to the employees in general and management in particular.
Further, companies have suffer…