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UR Ex...

Your 'ex' is like your karma. Its impossible to wish her off. However hard you may try. She will at least take that 12.5 kb of space in your existence. Just like the desktop icon you may never use, but its a default icon, co-existing with the other icons you use. She can bring back old memories, act as a benchmark, act as a medicine, act as a warning/disclaimer, act as a motivator, act as an anchor, act as a virtual consultant, act as a reminder and act as an insulator from the reality of the world you exist in. She is a lesson. A lesson you did learn the hard way Yes, it hurts. But what's life without a little sorrow, without a little hurt and without a little darkness? Today, it doesn't matter what happened. But it was necessary. It was meant to be that way. No, its not God's way of humbling you. But its his way of giving you an orientation in detachment. The essence of life, the ultimate truth of life. Its not so much about companionship, love, feelings or sex.…