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The ESSENCE of the word called "PASSION"

"Intense desire to excel", "doing something with a lot of devotion", "giving yourself to some person/thing/work etc","strong determination", "what we enjoy doing even without or knowledge or love the most", "A way or style to be particular domain in personal or professional life" . These are a few definitions my friends gave me, when I asked them what's 'PASSION'. And my definition of Passion would be " unconditional surrender to a thing/person/art".

Well, I somehow feel that this word 'passion ' is all the more important and critical at this point of time, not only to me, but all those friends and foes(lol) throughout the world who are stepping on to their careers, undergoing a transition from college to workplace. Some of my fiends, and even me gave excuses for not attending a few interviews. We felt that the pay, the profile etc were not that good and so on. In fact, we weren't passionate a…