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Preparation for meEATings

Preparation for meEATings.

                                            I know preparation for meetings can be a pain. And the intensity of the pain depends on the duration of the meeting, the purpose,agenda, and more importantly the attendees;) for ex: If we have a performance review meeting with a stringent boss, it can be as painful as it can get.. In some rare cases, the meeting can be a pleasure too. Ex: If you have a strategy meeting with your crush from the other vertical , it just can't get better that, especially if she/he is seated bang opposite you. In such cases, its like ..The longer the better.

 And meetings are also socializing sessions, an exercise of your vocal skills, your lingual skills and your acting skills too. I know a lot of people who act their way out so brilliantly in a meeting to avoid the humiliation of failure/non -performance(psst....... yes, me). Meetings can also be occasions of fun and gaiety. Like the extremely humorous occasion when all of you f…

COMMITment quests

Vince Lombardi once said, “Individual commitment to group effort-That is what makes a team work, a company work, and a civilization work.” As I ruminate on this quote, I can’t help but admire the effective moral that this quote summarizes. Getting the best, many a time means giving the best. For me, ‘giving the best’ to whatever, whoever, whenever is a form of considerable commitment. When you demand commitment, an automatic implication is to also commit commitment. Brilliant feats have been achieved through extraordinary commitment, in the fields of sport, social service, research and so on. Nadia Comaneci’s feat of the first perfect 10 in gymnastics, the example set by Red Cross society, having delivered humanitarian aid to nearly 600 million people in the last one year and the discovery of the God particle seem to reinforce the fact that extraordinary commitment is possible. But then, what are the issues confronting people who are not able to vouch commitment?The answer lies in th…