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Letter to myself-01/01/2011

Dear Vj,
Wish you avery happy new year.At the risk of telling things straight to you, I have a few important issues, which you need to deal with , head-on. The fact that you've become complacent and comfortable speaks a lot about the abstinence feom the kind of effort you need to really put in. You have to set some really tough targets for yourself and actually "achieve". And 'achievement' is not competition is not competition with people around you, but with yourself. 'Dedication', 'zen' approach is a must in this regard. Don't boast about anything you may have achieved. Its all very minute compared to people who have achived far greater things at your age or even younger than you, in many cases. Start thinking so as to how you can perfect yourself.Your aim of being one of the "best trainer in the world" should be taken vey seriously.

Every day, is a new challenge. Look at ways to contribute more to your organization. Look at ways to …