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IELTS preparation - General Training Module

This blog is an attempt to help IELTS test takers. This is not a definitive guide to scoring the highest band in IELTS. However, some practical guidelines and tips will surely go a long way in helping you score a good band. This is meant for beginners or intermediate candidates. I’ve tried to describe my experience of the IELTS test. Let me start with a few facts. This was my first attempt, with minimal preparation. My overall score was band 8.5. I attempted the IELTS general training module, offered by British council. The other service provider for IELTS is IDP. There is no difference in the level of evaluation. Hence, the question, “Is IDP better or British Council better?” does not arise. It’s just a myth that one of these should be preferred because you could score well if you chose IDP over British Council or vice-versa. The test has 4 parts: 1     a) Listening (40 questions: 30 minutes) 2   b) Reading (40 questions: 1hour) 3  c) Writing (2 tasks: 1 hour) 4   d) Speaking (10-15 m…