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Letter to the New MBA/PGDM Entrant

Dear Friend,

Congratulations! Welcome on board. You are now a part of the family of new MBA entrants having sailed through the rough seas of CAT/MAT/PGCET/KMAT/”X” AT (Any X Admission Test) and having joined various B-schools across the country. This is a huge family of nearly 8 lakh + students across India. This is a family having common ambitions and common problems. Unless you have secured a coveted seat in one of the High I M’s , or the top 10-20 B-schools in India, you have a tough life ahead. Having been a management student for 5 years in a tier 2 (as the pundits say) B-school, and having gone through all the allotted ordeals, I decided to write this letter as a word of advice (probably unsolicited but necessary).
The challenges you face are galore. I don’t want to scare you. But I want to be factual. You are NOT on a level playing field. You have a road that is mostly uphill, tardy, rough and bumpy. You will encounter several speed breakers in this journey ahead. Please be menta…