Friday, January 25, 2013


I wonder, if free will were exercised fully, considering only the paramount consequences, our interaction with each other, our actions and deliberations would be so much different."The gullible human mind" is so used to behaving predictably and in a patterned manner. Amongst all my colleagues, I can predict the reactions and behavior of 90% of them with 99% accuracy. And, i don't enjoy it. Isn't this commonness UNAVOIDABLE? There needs to be some variety, you need to be irrational sometimes and you need to behave differently on occasions. I am not advocating "extremes" though. We need to develop an appetite for "outliers" and be comfortable with the idea of "outliers". When I wore a shade of pink to office the other day, some of my colleagues couldn't accept this deviation. They felt the color was "odd" and "girly". I felt devastated. I had spent 18 minutes(which is far above the average shopping time for men) in the Arrow counter at the brand factory store trying to find a shirt that was "different" and "uncommon" color.many of you have probably gone through such situations, when people say, "You bought this car? Its so compact..Its so strange.. It's so compact.., and things like that. But I had some solace in store. One of my colleagues looked at me admiringly and said, "Wow that's cool. This is a such a rare color."I felt somewhat compensated for the effort I had put into finding the shirt.

Inability to accept novelty  is definitely one of the biggest obstacles to thinking and behaving creatively.If we all could create and accept "uncommon" things and situations, the world would be so much more fun. Creativity is not a skill, but an attitude, very few possess. When you can break mental barriers to 'new', when you can adapt easily to 'new' , when you can think and talk 'new', you belong to valued breed of "few". Charles Mingus said, "Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that’s easy. What’s hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity” .So the next stage is to make things "AWESOME".

Break the shackles and be creative.And when it comes to people, they will either ways comment/question.

Only "different" and "innovative" things create change value.They can lead to a bigger metamorphosis of sorts and help you  reach a stage of creative nirvana and satisfaction. Why be X when you can B Xciting?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let Go

Let Go

The power to 'let go' is a very important for every human being. Especially in this age of ever changing lifestyles and priorities. At a philosophical level, it' s called "Vairagya" in Sanskrit.  Advancements in technologies like ICT have made it almost mandatory for people of this age to be able to 'let go'. To be able to 'let go' is now a skill and an ability, and an important one at that. 'Change or perish' is the need of the hour. Change from Windows XP to Windows Vista and then a shift to Windows 7 and finally Windows 8 is an excellent example of how the 'let go' principle has become a norm. Further, it is also being observed that companies are investing their time and energies in making people understand the importance of this principle, and they call it by different names like "re-skilling", "unlearning", "re-learning" and so on. This also holds true to conventions and beliefs of people, which are hard to "let go". In case you're not able to adapt you would need to sacrifice in many a cases.

The millennium kids (born post 2000) are an excellent example of a generation who are able to adapt fast and learn faster. From using the basic X-Box for gaming to using E3 Xbox, this generation seems to be in a stage of "Super Vairagya" where technology, relationships, thinking patterns, culinary preferences and even beliefs are fast changing, day to day and year to year. Though, this change cannot be attributed to one individual factor, media and communications have been a huge influence. We have a generation of people who are more expressive, confident, and ready to experiment. Testimony to this is the huge number of applicants for reality shows like Indian Idol, Splitsvilla and MTV  Roadies. 

The harder part though is to let go of beliefs and being able to accept rationality, especially when it clashes with your beliefs and values. The ability to understand that you are not "compromising"  your values but adapting to what is "right" should come in. This kind of a skill set could surely take you places, because this is the way next gen organizations would expect their employees to be!