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Top 10 Sectors –Poised for accelerated Growth in the next 4- 5 yrs

Sector Profile/ Designation Skills –on- Demand Average Entry-Level Pay Band Social Sector Manager –Impact, Executive-Corporate Initiatives, Fund Manager NGO management, Liaison, Fund Raising, Networking, Writtenand Verbal Communication Skills, Client Engagement, Multi-lingual Skills, Field Worker Co-ordination, Adaptability, Legal basics
Ex: Rang De: Rs.2.50 lakhs-4.00 lakhs (Based on, Big Data Analytics Manager-Analytics, Executive-Data Management, Executive-Analytics Statistics, Advance Excel Skills, Analytics Certifications, Hadoop, Attrition Management, Financial Reporting , Designing Spreadsheets, Telecom Skills, Marketing Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, Investment Analysis , Trend predictions and Design Inputs
Ex:, Rs.3.00 lakhs-7.00 lakhs (Based on,…