Catching in the MOTHER’S DAY; Cashing on the MOTHER’S DAY:

Wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day!!!!
Waking up to the TOI, whoops, I found about 7-8 one fourth page mommy-daughter or mommy-son ads, and yes, the best one was probably the Zero-B ad(That’s my choice of the day because of the spacing and the placing)
Products and services are catching up and cashing on the opportunity. All in all, TOI had about 35 mommy senti ads (including the Classifieds and the Bangalore times section). Well, that’s a very good number.

Mommy related advertising is mainly applied in the following areas mainly:
1) Diaper 2) Clothing 3) Water purification 4) Toys 5) Household items including electronics like washing m/c, refrigerator etc 6) Baby food 7) others..... {IT JUS GOES ON AND ON......}
Constantly, the trend of “cashing on” occasions and events like the Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Martyr’s Day, Independence Day, World Mohan’s Day {World AIDS Day}. Etc to promote services and products is intensifying and magnifying.
The fine art of influencing existing and prospective customers with constant persuasion is being perfected as an art and as a science by companies today. And yes, it’s being realized that by being a part of the celebration, you are a part of the family and the heart of the individuals of the family. So you’ve got to capitalize on this opportunity!!!
And ya, many companies have taken care of this opportunity. But then there’s a hoard of companies and product/service categories that have been left behind. Bingo! The point is that, the race has started but then the runners are very few. And yes the creativity and innovative concept in this “Occasion” concept has not yet developed.
Ex: Matrimonial service, Furniture and so on.
How to do that?? I leave it to your conscience to decide ... OOOOlalah> :<>


Channakeshav said…
hay buddy nice one ..keep up the good work...being MBA student this is what we need to look out for in the new market trends are way ahead in that ....

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