Terror and Horror: Remedy and Comedy

Terrorists by themselves cannot function and survive. They need people and resources to carry out the front end and back end operations. A powerful vision, network, dedication and perfection of execution are a rough summation of all that’s involved.

They have already conquered Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Surat and Hyderabad in the recent times. Though the scale of loss in terms of life and property may not be huge; the impact of course was tremendous. A feeling of insecurity, helplessness and fear has certainly encroached the minds of the people.

ATC(Anti-terrorist cell), STF(Special task Force) and OCG(Other Govt Agencies) have failed to do anything more than press releases and press conferences after the blasts ad other acts of terror. Their excuse is that the terrorists are more equipped, sophisticated, skilled, educated and armed.

Though one community is being blamed, the problem lies with the system that is involved in identifying, re-locating, training, transforming and inspiring potential and existing targets for carrying out terror. Very simply stated, the complexity of the problem is more complex than can be imagined and thought of.

And the police Dept, investigation dept and ATC that are not equipped with necessary information systems, necessary gadgets, necessary training, necessary resources (both human and monetary) can possibly achieve nothing much. Young engineers, scientists and management grads have to be recruited and involved in the tracing and curbing of terror in addition to the existing people. Because, it’s these kinds of people who plan, organize, direct and execute terror today. YOU NEED A THORN TO REMOVE A THORN!

What more, politicians today are merely involved in allegations and cross allegations like those in the parliamentary sessions on the N-deal. They need to be constantly reminded of these issues in the public, by the public. Probably another blast in the parliament or the parliamentary premises would do the needful.

And as far as the public is concerned, all of us have to engage actively in the enforcement of law and asserting police authorities to take action. And, yes we also need to educate others and ourselves in countering terror. Complaining if any suspicious object is left in any public place unattended, carefully scrutinizing and crosschecking student credentials during admission, recruiting and while renting homes or commercial space.


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