Shock-absorbing the steep petrol hike: 10 mantras

1) Reduce travel on bikes and cars
2) Be the catalyst: Spread the message of car pooling at office.If possible, practise before preaching.You message will be taken seriously
3) You can even think of bike pooling.It will work, if you want it to for you.
4) Try cycling for a change, you may love it as well. And then, adapt to it. Do short distances first.
5) If you are making repeated purchases for household, and spend money travelling, decrease the frequency of purchases, stock up things, if you can afford it.
6) Mass transport is not a very bad idea. Try Volvo or metro, and check if it works.
7) Get a petro card/membership card and check if you can get some discounts or offers on petrol purchase. Try to get more miles with less  dimes.
8) If you are thinking of buying a new bike, have electric bikes, as an option. No need of liscence, pollution check etc.
9) Start waking to the ide of walking. Cover short distnces by walk. Locate laundry, grocery which are nearby. Walking is a great exercise, and now you have an official excuse to wak more.
10) All the above measures taken in a group, are best implemented. We are social animals after all. In groups, you have mutual support, encouragement, inspiration, and abuse in a few cases. Something or the other will surely work for you.

This month end, I will buy a new bicycle possibly with my salary. How about you???????


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