Getting Started...

                                 Be it Love or War, getting started is an issue for a majority of the masses. Many a tasks we intend to do and accomplish get lost in the background noise of what is 'routine' and 'imminent' upon us. We are in a constant hurry to 'finish' what is urgent and mostly mundane. 'Unexplored talent' is no more a cliche'.  The need to discover the other side of you is now becoming a pressing need for many. Modes like reality shows have seen steady growth over the past few years in India. We are also witnessing a rapid rise in the number of dance classes, music classes, art classes and writing workshops happening across India.  This is certainly a significant development, because it goes on to show that the growing interest of people in discovering new hobbies and interests.

Still, for several people 'getting started' remains an issue.  Getting started with things they always wanted to do .. like  the gym routine, getting started with 'music classes', getting started with 'painting' and getting started with 'acting' remain an area of concern. the stoppages are mostly psychological. Sometimes they are also financial and circumstantial. However, majorly the reasons are within the span of control of individuals. Essentially, for many its a matter of self-prodding and the need becoming more intense and demanding. Until such time, it's just another thing 'I wanted to do'.

5  tools that can be used to overcome this phenomenon:

-Use peer pressure to your advantage. Make a public announcement of your plans in pursuit of your passion/hobbies. So that your friends can do the necessary in case you don't execute your plans.

-Have conditional rewards to motivate you. For ex: In case of blogging,I can have  a reward of eating out in my favorite restaurant in case I complete 10 blogs this month.

-Give a countdown for the task/event to start and build up excitement along the way.

- Have the precursors and enablers in place for the task/event ie; Invest in the task.Ex: Buy Nike sneakers and tees for the marathon you are planning to attend next month.

- Put your thoughts/ aims on paper. It helps to be more concrete and focused about what you intend to do.And don't forget the timelines scheduling!


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