Book Review-Take Me Home, by Rashmi Bansal

Buy Take Me Home : The Inspiring Stories of 20 Entrepreneurs from Small - Town India with Big - Time Dreams 1st Edition: Book

This book gives you a summary of the struggles of small town entrepreneurs who have made it big. It is a nice, simple and straight read that you will enjoy. Rashmi stands out as an author who has written exemplary books in the entrepreneurship genre. You will 'live' the challenges, the stumble blocks, the speed breakers and the glory of the 20 entrepreneurs whose entrepreneurial journey has been described in great detail in this work. It is a must read for all the "wannabe" business-folk who want to start their ventures in small towns. The best part of this book is that it doesn't contain technical details and data that may boggle you down, at the same time it does not give plain vanilla description of the success stories.

The author is able to strike a fine balance between detail and brevity and presents the audience just as much as they can digest. Businessmen from different regions, religions, linguistic and educational backgrounds come together and create a magical harmony of rags to riches sagas. This book justifies the money you may spend on it and delivers great practical value for upcoming entrepreneurs. It provides inspiration and moral support to the struggling business-honchos of tomorrow. It gives the academicians good real life examples and cases for classroom discussion. The book is a fabulous supplement to the classroom reading material for any entrepreneurship course. It also contains the e-mail ids of all the 20 entrepreneurs in consideration, whom the readers can contact; making the book a 'complete nutritional supplement' for budding businesswalas. Kudos to Rashmi for the brilliant effort!


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