The attitude side of life

It’s so strange and so obvious that attitude matters so much. With protests happening in New York protesting against the Chinese policy of Tibet when the Olympic flame entered NY or models protesting naked for PETA or people in Carolina protesting against pollution people in that part of the world seem to be doing a great job compared to our people who have only been fighting each other over Hoggenkal, over language over caste and so on.

The attitude side of life becomes very important and we need to realize that burning buses, breaking street lights, burning vehicles is not at all the solution to any of our problems. On an estimate the Govt of India has lost about 65 crores due to rioting and damage to govt property in the year 2003.(Data for succeeding years is not available).That again translates to the fact that we pay taxes, they get buses or street lights, we burn them and govt collects the booty again!
It pains me, time and again to say “MERA BHARAT MAHAN”. It is simply an embarrassing situation top be in. The only medicine for all this is “change in the attitude/mentality of people” and this will not easily come by. And for this to happen, the educated, informed, tech savvy India has to come forward to educate people at all levels and create awareness. And all resources have to be pooled in, all channels have to be used for the process. Well, I do not want to convert Bengaluru to LA or Chennai to CA but only the attitude has got to change .. So nxt time around a riot or a strike happens, plz keep all the above things in mind! And for a country to be developed the most important matter According to me is, “CHANGE IN THE ATTITUDE SIDE OF LIFE"


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