“Seeming SEXY is not enough; it’s more about BEING sexy”

Appearances do matter they say, but it’s not all about appearances. It is also about the content. The more evolved the better. Ok…… Wondering why all this gyaan?

Yesterday I overheard two housewives (Who are usually louder) speaking to each other on branded tea. This happened when I went to buy some household items at a kirana store nearby. For our convenience let’s assume their names to ‘Ratnamma’ and ‘Nagamma’ ie; Rats n Nags for short. Here goes:
Rats: I wonder why we have to buy branded tea like “Taj Mahal” and “Red Label”.
Nags: That’s extremely simple. It’s because they’re branded and that means quality assured.
Rats: But then there are local brands like “X” that are equally good in terms of quality and you can literally get twice the quantity for the same price. Howzzat?
Nags: But still by buying a local product you could be giving scope for error.
Rats: Well, the fact that a brand did well last time and the fact that it’s a well known “brand” does not ensure it’s performance every time in terms of quality and quantity. Further, when there is no seemingly large difference, why bother?
Nags: Ya, I have to agree to this point. It’s very much valid and definitely has a lot of food for thought.

The above conversation between Rats and Nags ie; Ratnamma and Nagamma kept me pondering. As a student of marketing for the last three years, I have been learning about branding, the power of branding, and the charisma in branding and so on. And now I was in a big quandary. All that learning has to be probably unlearnt and new things learnt and re-learnt.

The conversation between these two women taught me a lot many things. In India, brand consciousness has been developing recently and phenomenon like brand imitation, spurious brands do reflect that. But then, people will surely not be taken for a ride! For me the conversation marks the beginning of a new era in itself. A thoughtful, careful, educated, and also empowered customer. An average Indian on street wears about twelve brands (Source: Harish Bijoor’s address at Brand-alore, Nov-2007.) Compared to improved countries like US, Canada which have people wearing at least 30 brands on street, we still have a long way to go. But companies have to learn a lot about the customer since India is a very diverse and different market compared to other international companies.

‘Brands’ are exceedingly vulnerable to several entities. They tend to attract competition, attract raised eyebrows and also attract “CASH”. With impetus on the term “profit margin” rather than the term “profit”, brands, just like horses have to improve timings over performances, mere “victories” are not enough!!!!!!!!!Brandophoria????????? Gottcha! SEEMING SEXY IS NOT ENOUGH IT’S MORE ABOUT BEING SEXY.


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