Growing with brands

Many a times I tend to wonder how and why we stick to brands or change brands.Though, volumes of books have been written, discourses n speeches been given on this subject, it still seems to b a grt mystery.The memories of Parle Kismi, Shaktimaan, Lakhani,Camel crayons,Hero pens and all those brands still linger on. We grow with brands. Some stay, some get replaced and some of course, outline all others (classic ex: Cherry blossom shoe polish) and a whole "generation shift" happens with a 'brand set' shift.
It's essentially transformation from Famous Five, Amar Chitra Katha to "X bOX" and so on. The transformation is moreso, gradual. Further, brand behaviour is very peculiar. They are vulnerable to several factors like brand ambassadors, brand expenditure and so on. An evolution of sorts keeps happening. Today, though my 'Parle Kismi' is mostly replaced by a 'Munch' or a 'Kit Kat' the memories still linger on.
Frankly, sometimes I sneak out of my room desperately searching for a 'Parle Kismi'(That's when I remember childhood), when I get one, I return back. Silently put the 'Kismi' in my mouth, careful enough not to bite it. Slowly, sipping in the embrosia. And I ponder over the change that's happened in me over the years and the change that happened 'in Kismi', 'to Kismi'.
It was then, and now, a perfect package of fascination, joy n sweetness, neatly packed in bright red,white and black..... The memories still linger on !!!!!!!!!


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