The Idli-Vada lesson

The lessons that can be learnt from small time,street side idli-vada vendors are indeed grt. They give you lessons in JIT, Working capital management and in segmentation, targeting , and positioning and many more concepts. Well, each day morning before attending my class at 8.00 a.m, I have my breakfast at one such street side vendor, MURUGAN's. I am a part of his growing list of loyals,. which surprisingly includes executives from companies like Wipro,Convertgys, TCS and so on. He caters to the tummy needs of about 150 people each day. He opens his small store(which is actually the fuse room of an apartment, sized 15feetX15feet) at 7.00 a.m in the morning and closes by 11.00 a.m.His menu list is as follows:
1)1 Idli-Rs.2.50
2)1 vada-Rs.2.oo(small)
4)Chitranna-Rs.8.00(A rice based dish)
5)Puliyogare-Rs.8.00(A rice based dish)
Well on an average each customer has a breakfast worth Rs.20/-, that totals to Rs.3,000 per day and Rs.90,000 per month ! the dishes are cooked before your eyes and washing takes the treatment(Everythin is very much visible). Further, strict cleanliness standards are adhered to and the plate is covered with a disposable polythene foil! And pure drinking water is served.Thats as good as 3 star, except for the fact that you dont get to sit and eat.. Well for me , the daily dose of Idli Vada from Murugan's has become an addiction! Coming back to numbers, He earns Rs.90,000/- per month(GROSS REVENUE). He works along with his nephew and wife. Cut 60% as overheads and cost and he still has Rs. 40,000/- as net profit ie; Rs. 13,500/- per head, that's as good as an entry level salary minus pressure in an IT/ITES firm. Astonishingly, this eatery doesn't even have a name! And it's located in Jaynagar 9th block near the bus stop adjacent to the Hot chips store. Ask any local guy in the 9th block for this idli vada dosa eatery and he will guide U to this eatery.As for me it has been happy eating and happy learning at his hotelia...Lessons learnt, unlearnt nad relearnt at a small UNBRANDED STORE!!!!!!! What lessons? U know now.


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