The Holy-Day, The holiday, The HOLI DAY!!!!!!!!

Business and Festivals:-“Holi-Day”

People all over the world fail to understand the logic behind celebrating ‘festivals’ on a day-to-day basis. In India, each day is a festival of some sort. (Read Festivals are an excuse to celebrate each day, each moment). Festivals rather signify and mean prosperity, joy, unity and much more.{Celebrating festivals has got health reasons too}

At the same time, each festival brings with it business opportunities. This Holi, India is expected to spend Rs.10 crores on mere colors solely. And at least Rs. 4 crores on Holi related purchases like masks, apparel, toys etc is expected to be spent. This Holi-day is definitely going to be a holiday, the 19 Mar 2008. And this relates to all market segments.
Holi related products could mean toys, rangoli, masks, holi specific apparel and so on. And the fact that the same period coincides with Good Friday and Id-e-Milad is the icing on the cake. Marketers are all set to ‘Blaze off’ their products and services. The new ‘Pulsar’ ad, the ‘Hunk’ ad, and hordes of Telecom services ads (read Vodafone, Airtel and so on) all depict hard core intention of the marketers. The whole ‘aura’ of Holi depicts tremendous business to flow in.

And then there is this bunch of small time sellers whom I term “ADAPTERS”. That’s because these people change their products according to the market scenario/ Festivals/seasons like they sell colors in Holi, lamps in and crackers in Deepavali, candles in Christmas, sweets in Ramnavami and Ganesh Chaturthi, greetings in the new year season and so on. Or, on an other sense of categorization, umbrellas in rainy season and …… know what! And definitely, they gain from the pricing, the range and of course, their ability to ‘connect’ well to the people to whom they sell. viz; they may have to sometimes modify their accent, change their language or appearance/dressing. On an average, they tend to earn at least 20% more than the average/regular small sellers {reference Seema Goswami’s article on small scale selling}.
The underline message here is very simple and obvious. With festivals coming into the scene, it’s not just the large business corporations, but small scale sellers “ADAPTERS” who actually gain a lot! So the next time around you’re either buying colors in Holi or lamps and crackers in Deepavali, “ADAPTERS” are the ones who gain substantially and ya, they do facilitate quality, unbranded products(mostly) reaching us and making celebrations all the more enjoyable!
Well then,
I wish you all a very happy holi, Good Friday and Id-e- Milad. Before going to play colors just apply some coco oil all over your body so that you can go to college/office all new and fresh, (as if you never touched colors).
Ending note: My holi song
“Do me a favor let’s play Holi,
Rangon me hai pyaar ki boli”
Source: Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra starrer.

Well then, here I sign off, Enjoy absolute, Hip-hop Hurray!!!!!!!!!!


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